How can design contribute to social transformation? What does meaningful work look and feel like? What is needed to create delightful experiences and make great things outstanding?

My work is informed by thinking about these questions and learning how to establish effective lines of action. I am passionate about creating things that reflect beauty and help make the world a better place.


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Workshops, Trainings
Branding & Visual Identity
Web Design, UX/UI Design
Graphic Design
Copywriting (German)

My practice combines creative strategy, concept development, and execution. I’ve been working – in-house and in collaboration – with creative agencies, marketing offices, startups, family businesses, and institutions, locally and internationally for over 18 years.





Humans are naturally attracted to structure, harmony, and beauty. Good ideas might come overnight, but it takes action to make these ideas shine. It takes even more to create something that sincerely reflects a vision. Creativity needs an environment where there is time and space for experiments. Quality often comes through quantity. Especially in the phase of conception and layout, I love experimenting and like to produce a variety of options. I take the insights from research, feedback, iteration, and different perspectives and implement the gained knowledge. My goal is to create things that make people and myself happy.



I appreciate a good working atmosphere with a culture of respect and trust. A critical part of effective decision-making is preserving unity. I celebrate diversity and different perspectives. Being trained in systemic coaching and leadership, I am skilled in encouraging individuals and teams to consider the ecosystem they’re embedded within while also developing their self-awareness.


Innovation becomes visible through emotions. When a brand shines naturally, it will attract people. I am designing for people to create tailor-made solutions and create a visual identity that shines naturally.



No matter what we know already and how much experience we bring to the table, there is always something to learn from each other’s perspectives. Our thoughts can hold us back from progressing or help us move forward quickly. I am always up for learning something new, be it software, techniques, or getting better as a human being. I thrive in an environment where mistakes are not seen as a failure but as an opportunity to grow end excel. 


Creating something meaningful and finding purposeful solutions demands a deep understanding of the company's vision and culture. I learn from observation, asking questions, and digging deeper when something is not aligned. I have helped startups grow by making their vision shine.



Self-employment for around eight years shaped my mind and work. I take ownership and responsibility for my actions and strive toward excellence. I am conscious about using resources and doing things as efficiently and effectively as possible.


I try to make the most of my time, learn from the past, and aim to get better every day. Making the most of my time also means I am present and focused on what I am doing.


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